L’Observatoire des religions

Orthodoxy and Islam in the Balkans : Conflict or Cooperation ?

samedi 6 décembre 2008 par Paul Mojzes

Relationships between Orthodoxy and Islam have been largely determined by the experience of the centuries-long subjugation of the Balkans to the Ottoman Turkish Empire, which made it difficult to weaken ethno-religious identification.
The Balkan wars of the 1990s further poisoned the relationships as many Orthodox fear the advance of a militant Islam from Asia. First I survey the antagonistic views of two prominent Serbian anti-Muslim writers. Then I present attempts at dialogue and mutual understanding in terms of actual meetings that took place. There are only a few theoretical voices in the Orthodox and Muslim communities advocating dialogue and cooperation, such as those of a lay Orthodox theologian, Marko Djuri, and of a professional Muslim theologian, Ismail Bardhi.
Subjects : Marxism & Communism ; Religion ; Russia -The Former Soviet Union & East European Studies.

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