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Un pacte avec le Diable ?

A Pact with the Devil ? Elite Alliances as Bases of Violent Religious Conflicts

vendredi 5 décembre 2008 par Alexander De Juan

This article aims at explaining religious conflicts on the basis of an elite-centered theoretical model. Violent movements can only pertain on the long run if political elites organize and coordinate them centrally. The same holds true for the religious dimension of many conflicts. Religious elites have to persuade the believers of the religious nature of their struggle. Hence, in many cases religious conflicts can be traced back to alliances of religious and political elites. The first try to protect their religious communities and hope to expand their religious influence. The latter try to use religion as a resource for mobilization.

Affiliation : University of Tuebingen, Tuebingen, Germany

Published in Studies in Conflict & Terrorism, Volume 31, Issue 12 December 2008 , pages 1120 - 1135

Subjects : Military & Strategic Studies ; Terrorism ;

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