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Is God a Delusion ?

A Reply to Religion’s Cultured Despisers

mardi 25 novembre 2008 par Eric Reitan

Is God a Delusion ? addresses the philosophical underpinnings of the recent proliferation of popular books attacking religious beliefs.

Focuses primarily on charges leveled by recent critics that belief in God is irrational and that its nature ferments violence.

Balances philosophical rigor and scholarly care with an engaging, accessible style.

Offers a direct response to the crop of recent anti-religion bestsellers currently generating considerable public discussion.


1. On Religion and Equivocation

2. "The God Hypothesis" and the Concept of God

3. Divine Tyranny and the Goodness of God

4. Science, Transcendence, and Meaning

5. Philosophy and God’s Existence, Part I

6. Philosophy and God’s Existence, Part II

7. Religious Consciousness

8. The Substance of Things Hoped For

9. Evil and the Meaning of Life

10. The Root of All Evil ?




Eric Reitan is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Oklahoma State University with more than thirty articles published in professional journals. In 2004 he was the recipient of Oklahoma State University’s Junior Faculty Award for Scholarly Excellence.

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